Blast from the past

Something very odd happened yesterday. I got a tweet from my PhD supervisor saying that my PhD had been cited in the TLS. This seemed extremely unlikely given that as far as I know nobody has ever read my PhD. However, I rushed out and paid £2.70 for the TLS (which is barely any bigger than The Metro which they give me for free every morning). Sure enough there was a (very tiny) mention of me and my long forgotten PhD.

Why…? Well, Faber have just re-released Douglas Brown and Christopher Serpell’s, If Hitler Comes: A cautionary tale which was one of my favourite books from my PhD (where I read it under its original title Loss of Eden). It is well worth a read if you like a nice Nazi dystopia (and who doesn’t). So Andrew Roberts was reviewing the book and looking at the general field of “What if the Nazis…” Presumably a web search turned up my PhD which he describes as “a fine tour d’horizon of the wartime works” in the alternative history invasion genre. High praise indeed!

But, it just goes to show! I put my PhD on the web and it has actually been useful to someone after all of these years. Makes you feel kind of warm inside eh! If anyone else is sitting out there on an unpublished PhD talk to your university and get it put up on the institutional repository, it might just find a use. If you want to explore all of the theses that are sitting out there unused why not hop along to Ethos and do a search – you never know what you might find.


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