Web 2.0 and HE careers

One of my New Years resolutions was that I’d spend more time investigating the role of Web 2.0 in IAG services. Thankfully once I’d said this the world of Web 2.0 has brought me a number of people to talk about such things with. Most interestingly I had a conversation with @helenpownall at the University of Manchester who talked me through the really interesting work that they’ve been doing.


Check out the UoM:CS website to get an overview of all the interesting things that they are up to. They are delivering their services using asynchronous chat rooms, synchronous e-guidance, synchronous web chats with employers, blogs (written by both careers staff and students), and some other interesting stuff like Twitter vacancy alerts.


Manchester are probably one of the leaders in this but at iCeGS we’ve been doing a bit of active googling and we’ve discovered that most HE careers services are running some pilots and experiments with Web 2.0. For example have a look at

·         The Careers Group Social Networking Training Courses

·         UWE’s very web 2.0 looking site or

·         Staffordshire’s interactive services


I’d be interested to hear more about what other people are doing.


I’d also be interested to hear about how far you think these kinds of project have moved into the mainstream of what careers services offer and how far they are essentially down to one or two enthusiasts in the service.


Finally I think that we need to start theorising how these things fit into our understanding of what careers work is about and how it should be delivered. There isn’t much room for the one to one interview in the multi-player, egalitarian, on-demand world of Web 2.0. So where does this leave careers workers?


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