CREATE – are you signing up?



I don’t know whether people have seen the new campaign from the ICG – Create: a campaign for careers.

The campaign encourages people and organisations to sign up to the following:

C = careers services that maximise individuals’ talents and


R = realising everyone’s potential through universal,
targeted and high-quality careers provision with consistent 
       standards across the UK

E = entitlement to impartial careers information, advice
       and guidance

A = access to diverse well-trained and qualified careers
at times and places most relevant to
       individuals’ needs
T = tangible results demonstrating that professional careers
       work contributes to employment, social mobility, diversity
       and equality

E = excellence in careers services, equipping individuals
with confidence, resilience and motivation to
in a fast-changing global economy


I’d be really interested to hear what people think about the campaign. Will you be signing up?


I think that these are all worthwhile statements – although currently a little short on detail. I’ll be really interested to see how the campaign unfolds over the next few months. I think that raising the profiles of careers work is very important in the current economic and political situation – however, I think that we want to be very careful not to claim that we have all the answers. Careers work is broader than professional careers advisers and also requires that careers professionals build strong lateral relationships with other professionals. If this campaign can raise the profile of both the work and the workers then you can count me in.


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