Why careers workers should use social media

I’m giving a session at the National Career Guidance Show tomorrow. Basically I’m banging the social media drum as always and trying to convince people to get more involved. Essentially I’m going to try and suggest to them that it is important for careers workers to get involved in social media for three main reasons.

  1. The ability to understand and utilise technology as part of your career and life is a key career management skill. We should be encouraging our clients to be developing these skills to enable them to manage their life and work successfully. If we buy the idea that use of technology is essential for pursuing a career we also need to develop our own competence in using it.
  2. Social media provides a huge variety of ways to engage and interact with clients. We need to acknowledge the ways in which people are interacting with services more generally and develop our services so that they can be accessed and delivered through a range of media. Furthermore social offer us the opportunity to expand the reach of careers work e.g. by interacting with people at their place of work or study rather than just when they come to visit us.
  3. Finally social media offer an enormously powerful tool for careers workers professional development. By reflecting and interacting online we have the opportunity to finally realise all of the rhetoric about being “reflective practitioners” and to do it in a way that is beneficial for our peers.


More in the attached presentation. Enjoy!


Hope to see some of you at the Show tomorrow.  


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