A graphic guide to your mind and behaviour


I’ve got a pile of books on various desks that I’ve been meaning to review for the blog. The continuing tidal waves of work that wash up against me have slowed down my blogging rate over the last month or so to a crawl. So I’m going to try and write some short bits that just flag things I’ve been up to.


First up I’d like to give a pointer to the Psychology: A Graphic Guide booklet that I read a little while ago. If you haven’t seen this series of graphic guides they are well worth checking out. They give a brief, illustrated guide to an academic area in a way that is engaging and entertaining. They are ideal if you are looking for a quick overview that will map out what is important and what the main schools of thought are. I think that they should be put on the first year of undergraduate courses as they would force students to think about the big picture of their discipline before they get so bogged down in the details.


I love comics and graphic novels so I’m not put off by the visual format of the books. I’m aware that to some people the fact that it has got pictures in it might instantly make it suspicious. This seems a shame to me as I can’t see any necessary reason why words have to be a more intellectual format than a mix of words and pictures.


Anyway have a look at http://www.introducingbooks.com/ and consider whether you really want to pick up an illustrated guide to Foucault, Keynes or Quantum Theory.


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