DeSeCo: What competencies do you need?

I’ve been looking at the OECD’s DeSeCo project. This OECD project looked at what core skills and competencies people need to be part of effective, successful and functioning societies. The authors concluse that the key competencies fall into the following three areas. You need to be able to:

  • use tools interactively
  • interact in hetrogeneous groups
  • act autonomously
I thought that this was an interesting way to look at the skills that people need to work??effectively??in????society. I’m particularly interested in competency frameworks at the moment as I’ve been thinking a lot about the Career Management Skills Blueprints e.g. The Australian Blueprint for Career Development. I’m wondering how effectively these kinds of Blueprints fulfill the DeSeCo conceptualisation of key competencies.
One of the foundation papers of the DeSeCo project was called Projects on Competencies in the OECD Context – Analysis of Theoretical and Conceptual Foundations. This sets out four main ideas that underpin the creation of competency frameworks and determine their nature.
  • A response to the??context that the competency framework is created within
  • An attempt to create a survival kit that ensures everyone gets all of the basic skills
  • An attempt to provide individuals with a good preparation for their future life
  • An attempt to support people’s development as learners and therefore their ability to be flexible and adaptable

There is clearly a lot of interesting thinking in the outputs of the DeSeCo projects. I’d be interested in hearing more from anyone who has had previous dealings with the project or who has an interest in it.



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