England 1, USA 1, Twitter 0 (well 0 might be a bit harsh)


I spent the weekend camping in Derbyshire (hence the picture of me emerging wormlike from my sleeping bag). I???d given little though to the fact that this was the opening game of England???s world cup campaign. Social pressure and the requirement to parent semi-properly meant that I couldn???t pop down to the village to watch the game at the pub. No one had brought a radio either, so what was I to do. No worries I thought, I???ve got Twitter ??? the aggregated tweets of a thousand #england fans should easily keep me up to date with the twists and turns of this particular highpoint in the footballing calendar.


So I typed #england into my Blackberry and waited to see what was happening. Unfortunately it was a deeply underwhelming experience. Apart from the score all I got was insults being traded about various players and then the occasional ???ooooooooooo!??? etc. Obviously Twitter isn???t a visual medium and so the beautiful game was unlikely to transfer particularly well. But, this was a place where one semi-professional sports writer would have scored over the crowd. Someone simply tweeting


???And England clear it from the penalty box???

???The USA are about to take a corner???

Etc etc


Would have been a much higher quality experience than the collective groans and comments of the assembled crowd. I picked up a very strong sense that England were disappointing but I had absolutely no idea why. The emotion was collectively aggregated, but the information was not.


So my advice ??? don???t try and watch international football through Twitter.


I wonder what javelin throwing would be like to experience through Citeulike recommendations?



  1. think you need to find the right person to follow for stuff like this – e.g. LauraK from BBC was brilliant for election stuff, maybe there is radio 5 twitter acct?

  2. Probably. I don’t know enough sporty people to ask. I’m about as fair weather a football fan as it is possible to be. LauraK did exactly the kind of "Gordon Brown is putting one foot in front of the other" sort of tweets that I was looking for on Saturday night.

  3. try @thefadotcom (supposed to tweet commentary for eng games) or @worldcupscores looks to be final scores only. Good guide on mashablehttp://mashable.com/2010/06/09/follow-world-cup-twitter/ I too am a fair weather footie fan 😉

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