Research at NTU


I’m just on the way back from a seminar at NTU. The first thing that strikes you when you arrive is how amazing the building is (see picture). Obviously the fact that the sun was shining helped – but it is a great new facility.

Anyway, apart from the gushing about the building, this was a really interesting seminar. It was part of the iCeGS/NTU seminar mini-series. The iCeGS leg saw me and Helen Colley presenting. This time we had Ricky Gee and Helen Reed presenting.

Helen kicked things off with a project that she has been doing about transitions to secondary school. Amusingly titled “will I get my head flushed down the toilet?” She explained how her project had investigated a three day intervention that was made with primary school students in Nottingham. Before the intervention she found that there was considerable apprehension about the move to secondary school. In particular the issues around bullying, getting lost, losing and not making friends and racism came out. After the intervention the students had begun to make a transition and in most cases had dealt with at least some of their apprehension.

Ricky Gee then talked about the role of groupwork with Connexions PAs. His research found that on the whole PAs agreed that groupwork was a valuable form of careers work, but many found it difficult and stressful. We talked about how representative this was and what this meant for the profession. There was a high level of agreement that groupwork should be a key tool of careers work. Ricky’s work I’d enormously valuable in helping to explain why this doesn’t always work out in practice.

Both of these papers were excellent and I hope that the authors will publish them. The seminar as a whole was very thought provoking. iCeGS and NTU hope to continue this series next year. Do any other HEIs want to join in with this roving seminar on career?


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