Ms Career Girl: An interview with Nicole Crimaldi

For the next in the Adventures in Career Development series of interviews with careers bloggers we are talking to Nicole Crimaldi who writes the Ms Career Girl blog.


AiCD:  Introduce yourself

I’m Nicole Crimaldi. I live in Chicago.  I studied finance and entrepreneurship in school, I love dogs and marketing 2.0.




AiCD:  Tell us about your blog.

Ms. Career Girl is written for the Gen Y woman.  Gen Y women typically “want it all”- a great career, a family and a strong sense of self.  Articles address topics like personal finance, life after college, self-improvement, job search tips and career etiquette.





ACiD:  What technology do you use?

I blog using the WordPress platform.


AiCD:  Why did you set it up?

Ms. Career Girl started as a “passion project” that allowed me to use the creative side of my brain.  I heard my friends all talking about the same topics and decided to write about them.


AiCD:  How often do you update?

I used to write or have a guest post published almost every week day.  Now I publish posts only a few times a week.


AiCD: You identify yourself with Gen Y. Do you think that the recession has hit Gen Y harder, perhaps because they’ve grown up in a long period of boom? 

No, I do not think the recession has hit Gen Y harder.  Since Gen Y has been raised with a “you can do anything” attitude, I think many Gen Y’ers have decided to start their own businesses or freelance on the side (whether employed full-time or not).  Also, I feel Gen Y is used to change.  Typically, most of us don’t value spending our whole career at one or two companies.  Therefore, we are ok with finding a job until we find our careers.


AiCD: You write (and feature posts) about fashion. Do you think that thinking about how you look is something that careers advisers should talk about more?

If people want to admit it or not, the way you dress and carry yourself at work is very important.  It is your brand. It is the first thing people see about you before they hear you speak or see the qualit
y of your work.  To me, “dressing for success” is an aspect of career success that shouldn’t be ignored.


AiCD: Who do you think reads it?

Twenty and thirty-something professionals (both male and female).


AiCD:  How do you earn your living?

I work in Asset-Based Lending at JPMorgan Chase.


AiCD: What is it about you that makes you think people should pay attention to what you blog about?

The authenticity of it- I am real and the advice I give isn’t always traditional.


AiCD: Do you ever see people face-to-face to provide careers coaching?

No I do not, but I do some speaking.


AiCD: Have you had any training as a careers adviser?



AiCD: What have been the best things about blogging so far?

The opportunities it has given me.  For example, book offers, media opportunities, free stuff and the invitation to meet and interview people I would’ve never met without the blog.


AiCD: What are the downsides?

Sometimes you get guilty when you don’t write!


AiCD: Do you think blogging will ever replace conventional careers advice/education?

I think most students get their career advice from blogs.  Where else do they get it anymore?  Most career centers at colleges are very outdated. 

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