The UK is currently in the middle of our now annual snow crisis. For readers of this blog who aren’t from the UK the photo on this post will serve to demonstrate that a crisis can result from a pretty low snowfall.

The University of Derby has been closed today so I’m working from home. I still feel a bit of snowday excitement and love the whole crisis element of it all. The narrative of “struggling against the elements” tends to bring out the best in British people and forms us temporarily into something approaching a community. If the government wants us to be the Big Society (http://www.number10.gov.uk/news/speeches-and-transcripts/2010/07/big-society-… all the time they should probably invest in a massive snow machine. However, I’ll be spending today in my home cupboard/office and trying to catch up on emails etc. Depending on how the snow goes I might do a bit of snowballing with the kids after school (see not only is snow exciting, it refocuses your work life balance).

The iCeGS annual lecture (http://www.derby.ac.uk/icegs/icegs-news-archive/search-icegs-news-archive/13t… is still scheduled to go ahead tomorrow. We’ll let everyone know if anything changes using the usual channels.


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