The academic cycle

 What do people think about the following diagram as a description of the academic research cycle?




  1. Good cycle. Sound but traditional. Through our knowledge mobilization (research outreach and engagement) efforts I could add research partners at every part of the cycle. At the identification stage we work with research partners to identify their questions so research is produced that responds to a need. Knowledge is the co-crated with research partners working collaboratively with university based researchers. Quality assurance is provided by feedback with community or other stakeholders to validate the utility of the co-created knowledge. Dissemination then occurs through all sorts of creative outlets that respond to partners’ needs (we supported research dissemination through theatre to families of people with Alzheimer’s Disease on one project and to Toronto African communities for an HIV/AIDS project).None of this replaces traditional scholarship which is the foundation for all engaged scholarship. The engaged academic cycle has two sides to the wheel. The side you have presented and the side I have illustrated. Both turn in concert and both goals can be met without taking one away from the other.David.

  2. I think I see. Do you mean that I’ve presented it as if it is a sealed circle in which no one from the world outside of academia has any part?I think that is fair criticism.I’ll think on about this a bit more

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