Why does the blog go quiet sometimes?

Look I don’t have to justify myself to the hoards of screaming blogfans out there who are demanding yet more poorly spelt rants about various aspects of career and social media. This is my blog and I can play with it when I want and how I want.

Actually, I’m not really sure if anyone reads this stuff so I’m really trying to justify this to myself and also to try and put down somewhere something about the process of blogging and what it is doing to what I laughably call my personality.

Sometimes this blog is incredibly active. I post once or twice a day. At other times it goes for weeks with just the odd filler item (essentially something that someone else has sent me and that I want to make publically available). In general this change doesn’t happen because I haven’t got anything to say. I’ve pretty much always got somethig to say and as a number of the bloggers that I’ve interviewed have mentioned once you start b logging you spend your time walking around noticing anchors that you could hang a blog off of (see my recent Meccano post for an example).

In general I don’t blog because I’m doing something else or more precisely because I’m writing something else. It isn’t so much time, if I have a day that is heavy on dull admin tasks I almost always find time to write something. Big motivations for starting the blog included (1) getting better at writing; (2) getting my name out there; (3) having somewhere to put my ideas that other people could see. In general if I’m not putting stuff up on the blog I’m writing something else that fulfills some or all of these motivations.

Stuff that I write for other places is usually pretty different from the stuff that I write for the blog. When I’m writing for other publications I’m usually more formal, more measured in what I say and in general a bit more dull. My other writing uses academic references, is often co-authored and is probably read by even less people than read this blog. I actually like the discipline of moving backwards and forwards between different styles of writing but I don’t tend to do both in one day.

When I started the blog I decided that I wanted to write something every day. The old adage “a writer, writes” is a good one. If you aren’t doing it, you aren’t getting any better and you also aren’t putting anything out there that might one day get you picked up as a Guardian columnist. So I’ve pretty much tried to stick to this and made sure that I churn some raw thoughts into words on a screen almost every day of my life. Some of them end up on the blog, some of them end up somewhere else.


But, I promise you dear reader, you get all the best bits…



  1. One of the drawbacks about Posterous is the lack of detailed statistics, e.g. c.f. WordPress. Who is reading your blog? It’s not good to be a slave to the numbers, but knowing what readers like (and that they exist) makes a difference.

  2. I get some basic stats on Posterous. It tells me which are the most popular posts etc. The numbers always look too high to be real (surely 7000 people can’t have looked at some of these posts). One of my still untouched New Years resolutions is to investigate Google Analytics for this blog.

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