A week or so in Canada


So I’ve been in Canada for the last week or so. I had all these plans to write a daily blog post but events have conspired against me. So I thought I’d spend my last couple of hours here dumping everything down into a few posts that I’ll throw onto the blog over the next couple of days.


The experience of talking to a range of Canadian academics and practitioners about career development has been a fascinating one and I hope that I can come back here again to do some proper study.


In general the careers sector in Canada seems to be much stronger than it is in the UK at the moment. Lots of the practice that I heard about seemed to involve longer interventions than we would typically find in the UK. There also seems to be a willingness to bind careers advice together with training and other types of intervention in a way that I find very appealing.

I didn’t see enough to be able to really argue that there are models that would be usable for the UK here, but I did see enough to feel that we should really investigate a bit further to get a sense of what is possible with a careers sector with a reasonable level of funding.


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