Education Committee: 16-19 participation in education and training

There was a recent parliamentary committee (Meeting started on Wednesday 18 May) which looked at 16-19 participation in education and training. It includes discussion of vocational educaiton and careers and features:

  • Joanne McAllister (Cumbria County Council 14-19 support team)
  • Professor Tony Watts (Life President, National Institute for Careers Education and Counselling)
  • Martin Doel (Chief Executive, Association of Colleges)
  • Allan Foulds (Head of Cheltenham Bournside School and Sixth Form Centre, Association of School and College Leaders) 

It is worth a watch if you are interested in what those who understand the sector are saying and what those in government are asking them.

I’m not sure that the Parliament embed code is working so you might need to head over to the Parliament TV Player to access it.


One comment

  1. In particular you might want to look at minutes 34 – 40 where Tony Watts sets out the current crisis in the careers sector and the failure of current government policy.

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