Careers and technology: a little film

I made a little film lecture about careers and technology for the iCeGS MA in Education and Guidance. I thought that I’d put it up on YouTube in case it was of interest to anyone else.



  1. Fair enough. I’m only just starting to play with video. Set me a challenge. What is the ideal amount of time to say something on video?Having played with it a bit I’ve realised that I need a lot more pictures and probably even more of me doing the web cam thing. I will continue to play.

  2. I personally aim for a 5 minute upper limit. Shorter is better. I don’t believe attention spans in this sit-forward format (mouse in hand) are longer than that. This is a controversial field by my own feelings seem to conform to student observations.Solutions are to break the video into shorter pieces (but not too many) or find a different format.

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