5 things a careers professional can do with social media: thing 2

Second up is thinking about how Twitter can improve our professional networks




  1. Hi Tristram, thanks very much for sharing your slides. You’ll probably be covering this idea in your next tips but something I advise as useful activity is to get the RSS feed or sign-up for email notifications of new jobs posted on websites, it saves having to check back all the time. Also, just to say I agree with the quote from Andrea – Twitter is proving really useful in keeping up to date with research and publications in the careers field; you don’t know ’till you start! I’m trying to spread the word in AGCAS-land : be more aware of what’s happening to your professional colleagues in all-age services.. it could be you next (Bill Law in Guardian and newmanswords blog).Some AGCAS colleagues have asked me how it works, how do you know who to follow, who follows you etc. The way it worked for me was this: I’d subscribed to your ‘Adventures’on Posterous; then saw the link to your @pigironjoe on Twitter; next that you followed @billaw,@newmanswords, and @davidawinter so I did too. All the best, Ali@CareersLadyBird

  2. Thanks for the comment. As a result of this I’ve changed the session to include a chunk of stuff on using RSS. I think that you are right that this is critical for careers work.

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