NTU/iCeGS Research Seminar

I thought that I’d post details of a seminar that is happening later this month. It looks really interesting – hope to see some of you there.


Wednesday 22 June 2011


Nottingham Trent University

Newton Building, Lecture Theatre 10


This is the third research seminar of a series organised by Nottingham Trent University (Division of Guidance, Youth Studies, & Youth Justice) and the International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS). The seminar programme is as follows:


Helen Reed, “When you first come here you are very small and the school is very big” – Pupils experience of the reality of the transition to secondary school

Helen Reed’s recently completed longitudinal study builds on the research commissioned by the Nottingham Central Education Improvement Partnership in 2009 – this focussed on the experiences of primary school pupils as they anticipated the transition to secondary school. In this seminar Helen will present the findings from the second phase of her study – this explored the reality of the transition as the pupils moved into Year 7. Helen’s presentation will also address the implications for school practice arising from her research.


Angela Vesey, Undergraduates’ Working:  A blessing or a curse?


Angela Vesey’s recently completed research focussed on the nature and extent of part-time working of undergraduates in the UK, with empirical evidence gathered from a group of undergraduates at NTU. Findings confirmed that a significant proportion of respondents were participating in part-time working and this employment participation was higher than the national average for all UK undergraduates. An understanding of psychological perspectives, particularly role theory, has been particularly effective in facilitating deeper insights and understandings into the perceived impact of part-time working on student well being, and personal and career development. This presentation will share the key research findings and insights into the student experience.


There is no charge for attending this seminar. If you would like to book a place, please contact Phil Mignot at the following address: philip.mignot@ntu.ac.uk


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