Entrepreneurship and UK doctoral graduates

We’ve just published an article called Entrepreneurship and UK doctoral graduates in Industry and Higher Education.

The abstract describes the article thus:

This paper discusses the experience of UK doctoral graduates in pursuing entrepreneurial careers: there is evidence that this applies to a substantial number – about 10% – of doctoral graduates. The nature of their experience was explored using 37 interviews with doctoral entrepreneurs. The research was funded by Vitae (www.vitae.ac.uk), an organization championing the personal, professional and career development of doctoral researchers and research staff in UK higher education. The stories that the participants tell suggest that doctoral entrepreneurship develops out of a complex interaction between the personality and skills of the entrepreneurs and the environment in which they operate. In particular, the authors argue that the participants have mobilized a mix of financial, social and educational capital in order to create and sustain their enterprises successfully.



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  1. After 8 months of trying to work out what my position will be with regard to working for Connexions in Croydon, I have got to July 5th and I still don’t know if be made redundant or have some option to move onto. I feel like I am marooned on a desert island in careers isolation.My view of this situation is that we should not have been allowed to sink. The government could have practised an approach of evolution as opposed to a year zero closure and a limited restart. From today, London’s biggest borough with a young population averaging 30,000 no longer has a service to offer the majority of its youth population. I can’t imagine why there is no out cry at present. Perhaps that will happen in the coming academic year.

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