Religion and belief in higher eduction

We’ve just published our new report on Religion and Belief in Higher Education.

Weller, P., Hooley, T., & Moore, N. (2011). Religion and belief in HE: researching the experiences of staff and students . London: Equality Challenge Unit.

The report presents information gathered as part of a mixed-methods study into the staff and student experience of higher education. It was a fascinating project to be involved in and made me think about the relationship between a whole range of religious and belief positions and peoples engagement in institutions and in education more generally. The report generally finds that higher education is quiet good at ensuring people feel comfortable and able to pursue their work and studies regardless of their religion or belief. However there were a number of issues that came out in relation to things like the centrality of alcohol in the higher education experience and in the ways in which religions or beliefs can intersect with the curriculum that I think would be worthy of more study.



View the report

View the executive summary


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