Participation by 16-19 year olds in education and training

A new report on the Participation by 16-19 year olds in education and training was release a couple of days ago from the Education Select Committee.  

Thankfully it contained the following on careers services – might be worth an email to your MP to ask what they are doing about this.

Careers services

25. We recognise the difficult financial circumstances in which local authorities finthemselves. However, the sharp reduction in the availability of career guidance services for young people outside schools is damaging and should not be allowed to continue. Any reductions in Connexions services should be proportionate, and local authorities should respect the duty imposed by Parliament. The Government should assess local authorities’ compliance with their statutory duties and should not hold back from taking legal action, if necessary, to ensure compliance. (Paragraph 148)

26. We believe that there should be some form of clear accountability measure for the quality, impartiality and extent of career guidance services in schools. We recommend that Ofsted school inspections should, as part of the pupil achievement strand within the framework for inspection of schools, assess specifically whether schools are meeting their statutory duty to secure the provision of independent and impartial career guidance. (Paragraph 155)

27. We recommend that the all age careers service should be funded by the Department for Education for face to face career guidance for young people. (Paragraph 156)

28. We recommend that the Department’s consultation on the age of pupils for whom schools should provide career guidance should be extended to examine the case for the statutory duty to apply to pupils in Year 7. (Paragraph 160)


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