Penguin goes to Crawford Lake



While I’m in Canada I want to do my bit to promote the University of Derby. Thankfully the University marketing team have come up with a helpful gimmick for me to hang such blatant promotional activities off of. Our mascott is apparently a penguin. I think that this is an ideal mascott for a landlocked city in the middle of England where it hardly ever snows. However, ours is not to reason why.

Nonetheless I thought it might offer me an opportunity to take a picture of the penguin in various spots around Canada and use this as an opportunity to promote the University. So here you go.

I’m travelling with a number of penguins so if you see me and want one just ask and I’ll know that you’ve been reading the blog.

Otherwise head over to the University webpage to see our list of programmes. Check out the International Centre for Guidance Studies while you are there and consider whether you want to come and study with us.

Or just enjoy the penguin and the backdrop provided by Crawford Lake, Ontario.


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