Connexions and careers in the news

After months of neglect the media seem to have picked up that something is going on with Connexions and youth careers work in England that might be newsworthy.

I posted a link to an article that was on News at 10 a couple of weeks ago.

Last week there was some coverage of our Collapse or Transition paper in both the TES and Children and Young People Now. I was a little bit uncomfortable with the slightly sensationalist tone that these articles took – but hopefully it at least raised the issue.

Now following the issuing of a critical statement by the government’s advisory group on careers there has been further coverage. Tony Watts was on the Today programme (from about 0.50) and then on ?????????R???a???d???i???o??? ??????S???h???e??????f???f??????i???e???l???d?????????????????? ??????(???1.24-1.30)???.

Let’s hope that we can keep the pressure up and get the government to reconsider this.



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