Literacy and essential skills

Since I’ve been in Canada I’ve come across the idea of “essential skills” a number of times. This is a major national agenda around workforce competency. I need to find out more about this, but the following short film gives a brief introduction.



  1. Hi Tristam Yesterday you met my colleagues Laurie Edwards and Clarence DeSchiffart. Laurie asked that we connect so I may share with you some of the Essential Skills information/etc that I have gathered over the 3 years that I’ve been working in the field. Like Laurie and Clarence, I too am a Career Practitioner here in Halifax and soon (next week) moving off to Fanshawe College in southwestern Ontario to become the Assistant Manager of their Career, Co-Op and Employment Services Department. If you send off your email address to me, I’ll forward some ES information for your perusal. Currently I am the NSCC lead in the SCALES project, which is aimed at linking Career Development and Essential Skills. I look forward to eharing from you!

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