I???ve now hit five provinces!

I made a brief foray into Quebec today meaning that I’ve now visited five provinces while I’ve been in Canada. I’ve spent some proper time in Ontario and New Brunswick, popped into Prince Edward Island and Quebec and literally passed through a corner of Nova Scotia. I’ve got at least another two provinces to look forward to.  

Amongst all of this travelling and some attempts to keep the home fires burning I’ve been gradually piling up notes and falling behind in writing them up for the blog. One of the problems is that I’m starting to pick up a lot of cross-cutting findings from the different people I’m talking to. Blogging can be difficult because you don’t want to report people verbatim, firstly because it often isn’t that interesting and secondly because they don’t necessarily want to put everything they say to you out in the public domain. So I’m trying to report that I’ve been to see people and flag up some key issues. I’m also going to start throwing up some more thematic musings on what I’m finding out – so hold steady for that.

So far the Canadian trip is going fantastically well. I’m learning a huge amount and having a lot of fun while I’m doing it. I’ll keep you posted.



  1. Thanks for keeping us posted – it’s so interesting to know how it’s going and look forward to reading more when you are back and have time to put it all together

  2. Doing my best. I’m now in the woods and haven’t got a great connection for the next week. But I’ll see how it goes.

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