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Skills Development Scotland have just launched their new website. It is at and is well worth a look. I met a number of people who were involved in the sites development in 2010 when iCeGS was doing some work in Scotland. At the time there was a real buzz about what the site would develop into and so I was very excited to look at it now it has been launched.

The site uses the language of “strengths” to help people to understand what they are good at and how they might use these strengths in their career.

The site has got a number of interactive tools that you need to log in to play with. Unfortunately to log in you need to enter a postcode amongst some other personal information. I pretended to live in Glasgow so that I could get on, but I’m not sure whether you need to do this. I took a personality quiz called “My DNA” which uses pictures to work out what you are like. I found this really difficult to do, but had a go to the best of my ability. It took a long while to do but was interesting.

It diagnosed me in the following way

A natural academic, you have an extremely impressive capacity for deep analytical thinking. You are able to absorb and efficiently interpret extremely complex material. This is balanced with strong communications skills. You are confident about expressing yourself and feel most comfortable when channels of communication are open.

So what do you reckon – is that like me? I couldn’t possibly comment.

The site also has CV builders, job and course search tools. There also seem to be masses of articles and videos etc. I ran out of time before I got bored so that has got to count as a job well done.

I’d be interested to hear what other people think about the site. Especially those who it is targetted at. Is this the best comprehensive careers website yet?


  1. You don’t require to have a Scottish post code to use the tools. The site encourages people to register so that it can personalise the information being provided.The ‘My DNA’ tool is going to be moved pre-log in however, since it is primarily designed to act as a way of engaging people. There are a range of other tools post log in which cater for different learning styles and age ranges.All feedback is welcome!

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