Canadian Museum of Civilisation


During my time in Ottawa I took some time to go to the Canadian Museum of Civilisation. It is a fantastic museum with lots in it to interest those who are interested in the development of Canada’s culture of learning and work. Although the UK has a lot of fantastic museums I don’t think that we have a comprehensive social history museum of the status of the Canadian Museum of Civilisation. The museum provides (or attempts to provide) a complete history of the development of Canadian society exploring a range of aspects including the aboriginal peoples, the history of settlement and economic transformation and the stories of key Canadians.

I really enjoyed the museum and learnt a huge amount and the size and diversity of the country and its working lives. I was particularly impressed with the children’s museum (where my own children convinced me to spend a considerable amount of time) as it was highly focused in educating young people about the experience of the world of work and the nature of different jobs. My kids spent hours playing at bus driving, construction and so on. I think that my daughter had a natural affility for directing dock workers in the working reconstruction of a container ship and crane.

All in all a great day and a very interesting career learning experience.






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