Jay Block on the Protean Career

I’ve been thinking a bit about the idea of the “protean career”. I found a very useful resource written by Hall and Harrington setting out the academic history of the term at https://workfamily.sas.upenn.edu/wfrn-repo/object/oi35m3f6rw3tw6e4

I also found Jay Block talking about it in this YouTube clip. He is very hawkish about the concept and sets  it out well.

[Note: The original clip that this linked to got deleted and I have replaced it with this one which isn’t as good – but it is better than nothing]

I’m less convinced by arguments that are based on historical and economic “inevitabilities” which I think that the protean career stuff is. But, the protean career is probably the mainstream analysis of what is happening to careers and it is worth hearing Jay talk about it.


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