Mark Franklin and CareerCycles

While I was in Toronto I met up with Mark Franklin of Career Cycles. Mark is a really interesting guy who is involved in lots of exciting stuff around careers. He runs the Career Buzz radio show which I appeared on, works with clients, trains practitioners and runs some very interesting career enhancing travel.

Have a listen to Mark talking about career while he sits in the middle of the wilderness.

I spent most of the time that I had with Mark talking about the idea of narrative approaches to careers and in particular his model for translating these approaches into something that practitioners could actually work with. You can find out more about the CareerCycles model on their website. Mark also gave me an academic article that he wrote which I’ll aim to review/summarise on here as soon as I relocate it in the enormous pile of career development material that I’ve collected in Canada.

We also looked at a career game that Mark has written. Essentially it provided a structured and interactive way of working through a career reflection process. I thought that it was really good. Exactly the sort of thing that I would have used when I was running workshops for students.



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