Evaluating iCould

If you are involved in careers work you will undoubtedly have come across iCould by now. Just in case you haven’t the site is a fantastic treasure trove of careers resources. At the hearrt of it are around 1000 films of people telling their career stories. This isn’t a typical “day the life of” job. information site, rather it is people explaining the twists and turns of their careers often describing how they moved through a variety of positive and negative stages to get to where they are today. It throws lots of the old ideas about “career planning” on their head and gives career explorers something that comes much closer to what I see as career reality.

Anyway, I’ve been involved off and on with iCould for a while and am now involved in evaluating the site. So I’d be really interested in hearing from people about what they think of it (good, bad and ugly). If you visit the iCould site you’ll get offered the opportunity to fill in a survey. If you’ve used the site before and want to go straight to the survey you can do that as well.


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