Tecumseh Valley

It might seem a bit sad, but I can’t help making connections to career and career development. So when I’m listening to music I spend a lot of time thinking “what does this have to say about career”. Because career is actually a pretty central part of human experience it is actually a lot easier than you might think.

So I thought that I might post a few examples of this and see what people think.

So this is Townes Van Zandt singing his country ballad Tecumseh Valley. For me it brilliantly and poignantly traces the interaction between work, family, the economy, mobility and the locality. In essence it sums up the critique of individual agency as being the primary force in people’s careers without robbing Caroline (the song’s heroine) of her humanity and her ability to struggle and take action. Caroline’s situation emerges as a result of her tragic circumstances and the surrounding economic situation. To see her as lacking in career management skills and as culpable for her eventual fate would take a stony heart indeed.


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