A career development framework for schools

I’ve been reading OECD (2003). Career guidance new ways forward. In it I found a very clear statement of how schools should approach the delivery of careers work. This basically sets out what I believe and I think it is still something that is possible in the context of the UK despite all of the changes. So schools might want to keep this in mind as they think through their approach.

“If career guidance is both to develop important skills for life and work and to assist with immediate decisions, there are significant implications for schools.

  • First, they must adopt a learning-centred approach, over and above an information and advice approach. This means building career education into the curriculum.
  • Second, schools must take a developmental approach, tailoring the content of career education and guidance to the developmental stages that students find themselves in, and including career education classes and experiences throughout schooling, not just at one point.
  • Third, schools need to adopt a more student-centred approach through, for example, incorporating, learning from and reflecting upon experience, self-directed learning methods, and learning from significant others, such as employers, parents, alumni and older students.
  • Fourth they must incorporate a universal approach, with career education and guidance forming part of the education of all students, not just those in particular types of school or programme.”

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