One week to go until #dr12vitae

I’m very excited as there is only one week left until #dr12vitae. This is the third time that we’ve run the Digital Researcher event and I think that we’ve been improving it every time.

This year we have really tried to focus the content in a different way. Although the overall theme of the day is still the same (how researchers can use social media) – we have tried to take it even further away from a focus on tools towards a focus on concepts.

One of the problems with social media is that people tend to see the issue as essentially being an IT issue. However, the IT element of it is actually pretty small. What is crucial is how you use the tools to interact with people and how you then use these interactions to rethink the way in which you work. If you grasp the big ideas the challenge of using the tools is pretty small.

So this year we are going to be inviting researchers to think about how they find information, undertake research, know what constitutes good research and tell people about what they’ve done. We are confident that if people rethink the basics of their practice as a researcher they will see the utility of social media tools.

In one week I’ll know whether we were right.

For further information about the Digital Researcher visit or follow the #dr12vitae tag on Twitter.


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