Supporting career learning with online tools

I’m running a seminar for some of our MA students tomorrow. This is what I thought that I’d do…



  1. Tristram,Good outline!This is exactly what I want to do overhere. Ik now guide many young people to the best fitting careerchoice in the Netherlands.It’s difficult to find people like you over here to work with….Maybe I’ve just to start… Tips ?!Greetings form Michiel

  2. Hi Tristram, I’m using online conferencing tools (Skype and a bespoke platform) to deliver IAG/career coaching sessions remotely. I believe, like you, that CEIAG should be a blended approach, but am working hard to ensure the online interventions are followed through and can have a lasting impact. I’d be interested to have a chat with you about this (maybe at the next Associates meeting?) Gill

  3. Gill, fancy writing a guest post about how you are using Skype etc?Look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.

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