Commentary on the new Statutory Guidance on Careers Work in Schools

As I posted earlier this morning the new statutory guidnace has been published. My early assessment of it is that is does not really provide very much guidance at all. Rather it provides a very broad discussion of how school based careers work might be delivered with very few details and not much that any pupil or parent could use as a basis for saying that they are not getting what they are entitled to.

Thankfully the sector has been quick to respond. Tony Watts has prepared a policy commentary for Careers England which analyses the new guidance in detail. Meanwhile Anthony Barnes has produced a commentary for schools on CEGNET. Both of these are extremely useful if you are trying to understand what careers work in schools is going to look like going forward.

In essence this means that the ball is now in schools’ courts. Schools need to decide how they are going to support young people to think about themselves, their place in the world and the process of moving from school to learning and work. Schools have been in the habit of looking to government to help to set the frame for their approach to questions like this in the past. It seems clear that from here on in they are on their own.


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