I’ve never been a huge fan of LinkedIn. It is a bit clunky and hasn’t been somewhere that I’ve found particularly active networks in the past. However I’ve found myself suggesting LinkedIn as a solution for a few groups that I’m involved in recently. Basically this is for two reasons.

1) Most people already have a (semi-inactive) account on LinkedIn which they have collected a network on already. They don’t know what to do with it, but there is some social capital sitting there and they have already conquered the interface.

2) LinkedIn makes the creation of groups and walled gardens pretty easy. While I’d rather not work in silos others seem nervous about the openess of something like Twitter.

So I’m now becoming a LinkedIn enthusiast.

Some LinkedIn resources

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn for Dummies

How to use LinkedIn groups




  1. Thanks for sharing these Tristram; exactly as you described, I’ve had a LinkedIn account for about two years now, but have no idea what it is really for.I’ll have to check these videos out later!

  2. I’m pleased you are seeing the value of LinkedIn – I would advise all careers professionals to register for linkedin’s webinar for careers professionals – I found it really useful for helping me see the massive resource it represents for ourselves and our students and alumni. A big fat ACTUAL careers database of who did what when and what next!

  3. I recommend LinkedIn to students a lot when they’re researching particular sectors of interest or particular companies. As Marian says, it’s a big database of who did what, and when – so if a student tells me they’re interested in marketing in the HE sector, I can tell them to look up marketing professionals on LinkedIn and get an idea of what sort of jobs are available, how people entered the profession, and what sort of skills and experience enabled them to progress. I also recommend that they look for LinkedIn groups for professionals in that field and read the discussions – it’s effectively like being able to eavesdrop on what people discuss in the staffroom!I haven’t come across many people who have got jobs through LinkedIn, but I think it’s fantastic as a research resource.

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