My plan to create a really strong impact story

  1. Be clear about our submissions focus. This is easy in our case as we’ve had a very strong focus around career development and career guidance throughout the Centre’s history but we probably need to be even more clearly focused.
  2. Go through everything that we’ve ever published and look at citation rates and Google hits for anything that we think might be important or influential.
  3. Make a list of everyone who has funded us.
  4. Identify any key policy initiatives that we were particularly instrumental in e.g. where we contributed to white papers, evaluated pilots or got questions asked in parliament.
  5. Create a brief summary of our overall impact over the period. What have been our biggest successes but also what are the indicators that we are an important part of the landscape.
  6. Try and identify a couple of eye catching big stories.
  7. Write it into the REF format.
  8. Show it to anyone who will read it.
  9. Rewrite it.
  10. Hope for the best.

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