National Careers Service: The Right Advice at the Right Time

The government have launched a report to set out what the National Careers Service is all about. Called National Careers Service: The Right Advice at the Right Time the report contains little new stuff for serious careers geeks but it does set out what the service is about.

I ran the report through TagCloud and came up with the following graphic.


So no surprises there.

Probably the most interesting thing in the report is the following diagram which sets out how the NCS sits in the broader career support market.


Overall, I’m glad that the service has launched. It looks very like Next Step at the moment but hopefully this will be a platform that we can build from. I wish that there had been a bit more creative thinking about what the service could look like before it had launched, but hopefully the government will want to take the opportunity to do some more thinking now. John Hayes says

With the launch of the National Careers Service, we are signalling the start of a new chapter in information, advice and guidance to serve the common good by spreading opportunity. I am confident that everyone who works so hard to help people get the right advice at the right time will rise to the challenge.

I think that we are all hoping that he and the rest of the government will also rise to the challenge!



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