Launch of ‘What is Online Research?’ at #rmf12


Last night Bloomsbury launched our new book at the ESRC Research Methods Festival. We have published a new guide to online research methods that seeks to be a foundational text for researchers who are interested in this field. The reference is..

Hooley, T., Marriott, J., & Wellens, J. (2011). What is Online Research?: Using the Internet for Social Science Research. London: Bloomsbury Academic.

You can buy it on Amazon or find out more on the Bloomsbury website.  

The book seeks to explore the diverse range of ways in which researchers can use the internet for social research. It covers the history of online research, online research ethics, online surveys, online interviews and focus groups, online ethnographies, online experiments and the future of online research. We’re very pleased with the way it turned out and hope that it will be useful to a wide range of researchers.


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