Help us find our bikes

Yesterday our garden was broken into and two bikes were stolen. As we don’t have a car this is a pretty massive disaster for us. The bikes were much loved and we’d really like them back. I thought I’d see if I could use the power of social media to get them back. If you could like or forward this post where ever you find it there is a chance that it might get to someone who knows where our bikes are or sees them being sold off of the back of a lorry somewhere.

If you hear anything either comment on this blog, message me on @pigironjoe on Twitter or email me on

So we lost

A Kona Ute. It was green and a bit battered, but very distinctive. The Ute is a long wheel base bike and I used to cycle round with two kids on the back of it. It looks like this



We also lost a red Velorbis Dutch style bike. This was my partners pride and joy and she would be over the moon if we found it again. It looks like this



There are a number of stories of people getting stolen stuff back through the power of social media. It would be really great if this was another one of them.

Thanks for your help on this.



One comment

  1. I will send to my hubby who is connected on lot of bike related forums and Twitter.Do you want to borrow any bikes whilst trying to get yours back?He may be able to get you some.You have my mobile number, just call me.

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