What is ….. research?

The ESRC have helpfully filmed a set of presentation on different research methods that were given at the recent Research Methods Festival. These are an absolutely invaluable set of resources.

·         What is analytic induction?

·         What are cohort studies?

·         What are community studies?

·         What is discourse analysis?

·         What are electronic data collection methods?

·         What is event history analysis?

·         What is geosimulation?

·         What is multilevel modelling?

·         What is multimodality?

·         What is narrative interviewing?

·         What is online research?

·         What is propensity score matching?

·         What is the regression discontinuity approach?

·         What is social network analysis?

In the list you might notice “What is online research?” which was given by me and Jane Wellens.


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