Digital career literacy: today’s workshop

I’m giving a workshop on digital career literacy at the ICG/NAEGA conference on adult guidance today. I figured that I might try and actually make it a workshop – rather than just talking at people.

So my plan is to set out the 7 C’s of digital career literacy.

And to explain the model as follows.

  • Changing describes the ability to understand and adapt to changing online career contexts and to learn to use new technologies for the purpose of career building
  • Collecting describes the ability to source, manage and retrieve career information and resources
  • Critiquing describes the ability to understand the nature of online career information and resources, to analyse its provenance and to consider its usefulness for a career
  • Connecting describes the ability to build relationships and networks online that can support career development
  • Communicating describes the ability to interact effectively across a range of different platforms, to understand the genre and netiquette of different interactions and to use them in the context of career
  • Creating describes the ability to create online content that effectively represents the individual, their interests and their career history
  • Curating describes the ability of an individual to reflect on and develop their digital footprint and online networks as part of their career building.

Then I’m going to divide people into seven groups and get them to think about one of the 7 C’s each. The task of each group will be to come up with a set of ideas/advice that could help an adult client to develop in that area.

Hopefully we’ll generate some good ideas!

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