How the internet changed career

I have just published an article in the new edition of the NICEC journal entitled

How the internet changed career: framing the relationship between career development and online technologies

What I’ve tried to do in the article is to summarise my thinking on the inter-relationship between the internet and career development. My argument is that the internet firstly reshapes the context within which individuals pursue their careers. Secondly it requires new kinds of knowledge and skills to be successful within a career (I summarise these as the 7 C’s of digital career literacy) and that consequently it changes the kinds of outcomes that careers workers are trying to bring about. Finally the internet offers new opportunities for the delivery of careers services through the provision of online information, automated interaction and new forms of communication.

I’d be interested in people’s feedback and thoughts on this.


p.s. This edition of the NICEC Journal is focused on new technologies and careers work. It is a really important collection of papers. You can find out about how to subscribe to the NICEC journal at


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