House of Commons Education Committee inquiry into careers guidance for young people

Tomorrow sees the first session of the inquiry into careers guidance for young people. The inquiry has been held in the light of the new statutory duty on schools to secure access to independent and impartial careers guidance for their pupils in years 9-11.

Written submissions were asked to considering:

  • the purpose, nature, quality and impartiality of careers guidance provided by schools and colleges,
  • including schools with sixth forms and academies, and how well-prepared schools are to fulfil their new duty;
  • the extent of face-to-face guidance offered to young people;
  • at what age careers guidance should be provided to young people;
  • the role of local authorities in careers guidance for young people;
  • the effectiveness of targeted guidance and support offered to specific groups, such as Looked After Children, children eligible for Free School Meals, teenage parents, young offenders, those with special educational needs or disabilities and those at risk of becoming NEET;
  • the link between careers guidance and the choices young people make on leaving school;  
    the overall coherence of the careers guidance offered to young people.

We can expect the inquiry to pursue these issues further.

You can watch the whole thing online at

What is more if you look carefully you might even be able to see me in the background as I’ve been asked to advise the committee.


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