Next two NICEC seminars

Monday 21st January                          Seminar 5.00 – 6.30 pm                      London 


Do primary school children’s career aspirations matter?

Speaker: Professor Eirini Flouri, London Institute of Education

There is very little research about the role of aspirations in the behaviour of primary school children.   However, aspirations at this age may be very informative.  As children are young, their aspirations may reflect their vision for the future rather than an assessment of their own limitations and constraints.  Are young children’s aspirations linked to their emotional and behavioural adjustment?  Are these linked to adjustment in spite of risk?  In other words, do aspirations over-ride or exacerbate the damaging effects of three important risk factors: family poverty, family disruption, and peer victimisation in school?  Data collected from children in the UK Millennium Cohort Study (MCS) allowed us to answer these questions.  The families were first surveyed when the children were 9 months old, with follow-ups at 3, 5 and 7 years.  At the age 7 survey of MCS, some 13,000 study children did a self-completion questionnaire, containing the question ‘When you grow up, what would you like to be?’  This seminar will describe the aspirations of the MCS children at age 7, and will discuss the findings from the analyses carried out to explore their role in children’s psychological adjustment and resilience. 


Tuesday 19th March                           Seminar 5.00 –  6.30pm                      London


What’s going on in the UK labour market? Myths and evidence

Speaker: Nigel Meager, Director, Institute for Employment Studies (IES)

This seminar will look at recent developments in the UK labour market and attempt to put them in a longer-term historical context. 

First it will explore the current situation.  In particular, despite the rather depressing regular headlines about unemployment, underemployment and the difficulties faced by young people in the current downturn, the UK labour market has shown itself to be surprisingly resilient in the face of recession and has performed far better since 2008 than most experts would have expected.  What has been going on?  How can we explain recent developments, and what might they mean for future prospect?


 Second it will look at some of the received wisdom about long-term labour market developments: we are constantly regaled with stories about more volatility in employment, the end of the ‘job-for-life’, the growth of ‘portfolio work’, self-employment and the like, alongside cultural shifts towards a high-pressure, long-hours culture, with falling job satisfaction.  Last, but not least, we hear that unskilled jobs are disappearing rapidly, and that those who enter the labour market without high-level skills are increasingly doomed.  We will confront some of these accounts with the available evidence, which suggests that the real picture is much less straightforward than the popular view suggests.



Costs: included in membership fees for NICEC Fellows and members. Seminars are charged at £20 and network meetings at £30 for non-members.

To book a place please contact

Professor Stephen McNair NICEC Fellow
Phone: 01603 737830
Mobile: 07594 590 572


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