Careers advice should be at the heart of education, not an afterthought

I’ve published an article in the Guardian Careers section today.

Careers advice should be at the heart of education, not an afterthought.

It would be great if people could add some comments to the article to demonstrate the strength of feeling that is out there.


One comment

  1. I am a Career Practitioner in a high school in Calgary AB Canada so of course I agree with this opinion. Too many students and some parents see no connection among what they are learning, how they like to learn, what they are interested in learning and doing and life after high school. AKA the school-to-work transition whether or not it includes formal post-secondary education or on job training. It is probably getting better but early on it was evident that most secondary school teacher thought career planning was making a decision about what to study at university. Students based their decisions on what they could do not what they wanted to do EG. good at math and science then I should be an engineer. Parents particularly those from Asian cultures want their children to enter socially prestigious professions such as medicine. Again, no consideration given to student’s abilities or preferences. The tipping point still has not been reached but I think we are getting close

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