Call for papers for the NICEC journal: “Round ‘ere” Career, community, place and locality

I am guest editing a special edition of the NICEC journal.

The October 2013 issue of the NICEC Journal will focus on the relationship between career and career development and community, place and locality.

Career emerges in the context of where individuals live, learn and work and where they are prepared to travel and migrate to. Furthermore individuals’ own identities are also bound up with the places and spaces that they inhabit and the communities that they are part of or associated with. Career guidance and associated interventions are frequently in the position of helping individuals to sort through these complex inter-relationships and provide a framework within which people can think about what they want to hold onto and what they need to let go of as they pursue their lives and careers.

This issue of the NICEC journal will focus on community, place and locality. Papers might discuss:

•    The role of local labour markets
•    Migration and career
•    Travelling to work
•    Tensions between community and social mobility
•    How the guidance process engages with notions of place and community
•    Career identity, community, place and locality
•    Career development for international students and migrant workers
•    International careers
•    Dual career development and migration
•    And other related topics.
Enquiries and proposals for inclusion should be made by email to Tristram Hooley (Guest Editor of this issue) at by the end of February.

Deadline for first full draft 30th April.


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