I went to an excellent conference on Friday which focused on the use of ICT in CEIAG (that is computers in careers work for those who aren’t fluent in acronyms).

I gave a presentation which I’ve already posted up on the blog (see How the internet changed career forever…). There were also presentations by Hilary Nickell (author of Surfing your Career and Careers Uncovered: The Internet), Anthony Barnes and Johnny Rich.

The day covered careers information, careers assessments and new ideas about careers learning online. It then finished with a barnstorming presentation by Johnny Rich entitled “the future is personal”.

I got a lot out of the day – but the thing that I’ve gone away resolved to investigate is something briefly discussed by Anthony which he described as the flipped classroom (see the wikipedia entry on flip teaching). In essence it is the idea that the internet does content better than a teacher can, but a teacher does learning support, questioning and stretching better than any computer. The implication of this is that we should do our learning out of the classroom and our extension and consolidation activities (AKA homework) with the teacher. This makes a lot of sense to me. I will ponder further.

The day also introduced me to a vast number of online resources that I had never come across before. So new to me are:

Plus about a 100 other new sites. I thought that I knew the online career technology world – but it is moving faster than I can ever hope to keep up with.

Is anyone using any of the sites above? What else should I be looking at?


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