Friedman’s Theory of Differentiated Leadership Made Simple

I’ve been thinking a lot about leadership recently. Not least because I think that there are some clear and obvious parallels and relationships between leadership development, organisational development and career development. I’m not sure that these connections have been fully explored.

I’ve been reading and watching stuff about different leadership approaches and was struck by this film on Friedman. Not really sure whether I agree or not. What do others think?



  1. It’s very similar to current trends emphasising “authentic leadership”. The danger with this theory is that it can be used to justify over-confident leaders who discount valid criticism as sabotage. Given that self-justification bias is rife in many leadership fields, I tend to favour theories that promote self-questioning and reflection such as “servant leadership”

  2. Yes – there is something slightly terrifying about the idea that a good leader isolates himself from those around him and proceeds without any reference to them.

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