Careers England call on the National Careers Council to support the Select Committee recommendations on career guidance for young people

The Careers sector trade body, Careers England have just issued a letter calling on the National Careers Council to support the recent recommendations of the Education Select Committee. While this may seem to the casual observer like the internal manoeuvrings of the careers world it is actually a symptom of the storm that is brewing for the government on careers. The National Careers Council is a fairly new, advisory body to Government which contains a number of key players in the sector. Given that the Education Select Committee was critical of the government it was always likely that the careers sector’s body (Career England) were going to endorse it. If the National Careers Council can also be persuaded to back it, the consensus will be pretty much complete. 

I will be watching these developments with interest.



One comment

  1. I’m thinking that it would be good if, somehow, it could be more obvious to the ‘casual observer’ that it is not just political manoeverings. Because if that is all they think it is, then a valuable ally is lost. I’ll also be watching with interest – but if the Govt can ignore scientific experts on eg classification of drugs/alcohol as a health risk, or multiple select committees on immigration and student visas, I don’t think the careers world has a snowflake’s chance in a hot place. It would be lovely to be proved wrong, though.

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