Launch of the Career Development Institute

Yesterday I attended the AGM and launch of the new Career Development Institute. This new body brings together the four main professional bodies in the career development field and enables us to go forward united.

I think that now is a great time for a new start for the careers field and I hope that people will get behind the CDI and help to turn it into more than the sum of the parts. If you haven’t become a member yet you can do so on the new CDI site.

I’d be interested in hearing what people are looking for from the new organisation. I think that I’m looking for a body that conceives career development work more broadly than any of the previous bodies, for something that provides us with a strong community of practice, which endorses the importance of research and an evidence based professional and which campaigns strongly for universal, lifelong publicly funded career support (and a host of other things that I believe in).

However, I’m happy to give the new executive team a few moments to find their feet and to just say “good luck” for now.



  1. What am I looking for from the CDI? A platform to bring together careers educators with careers advisers. Preferably not the CA I spoke 2 3 weeks ago at the National Careers Service site, who when I explained what I did, asked me if I meant I’m a careers adviser!

    I’ve worked tirelessly within schools for the past 15 years as a teacher who promotes, oversees, develops and promotes careers education. I’m currently setting up a group to promote careers ed for all to target the schools who don’t put value on careers ed. They just carry on turning out pupils who are not able to utilise support to make effective transitions because they have no concept of career planning.

    I’d like to see more effort put into this aspect of careers work so that careers advisers are seen by the education community as experts in supporting pupils in transition, not just people that come in and ‘have a bit of a chat’ with little Johnny. I’d also like teachers to be aware of the danger of offering careers advice without the caveat, but you need to speak to a careers adviser. That is a huge agenda, will the CDI join me in my quest?

  2. Good points Janet. I’m concerned the the CDI isn’t currently recognising career education strongly enough. I think that we need to move away from a position where “career profession = careers adviser” to a much broader conception of what career professionalism is. How could the CDI support career education further.

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